Wednesday, October 07, 2015

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The NOAA OA Program exists to meet the OA research and monitoring needs of the US.  However, we can do this more effectively if coordinated with programs both within and outside NOAA.  We are working with stakeholders in the marine resources and fishery management communities to determine their information needs. We work closely too with Non-Governmental Organizations such as NRDC, Ocean Conservancy, COMPASS, Oceana and the Marine Biological Institute to develop effective outreach and communication strategies. We are conducting research and monitoring in collaboration with many research institutions.  We are working closely with other agencies also involved in OA research to coordinate our approach.  We have also been instrumental in creating an International Coordination Centre on Ocean Acidification which is expected to facilitate information sharing between researchers and policymakers across the globe.  

NOAA held a series of special interagency coordination workshops in 2012 including 1) a data management workshop, 2) an International Observing Workshop, 3) a Coral Reef OA Monitoring Portfolio workshop and 4) Effective Communication Strategies.  All of these workshops engaged experts and stakeholders from across the US and the globe to assist NOAA in the development of our long term implementation strategies.